Refer to the payment options below to make the payment to your association:

Online Payment

If you have the payment booklet, you can conveniently pay online by clicking on the button below, as well as setting up auto-pay.

*Tip: The account number, posting ID and Unit ID always remain the same. If you have the coupon book from previous years, you can still use it. Be sure to input the correct amount when paying.


Use the bill pay feature in your financial institution by specifying the payee as "Your Association" and including your account number (Acc#: property address). You can call your bank and ask for a Bill-Pay.

*Tip: You can also set up auto-pay with your financial institution via bill-pay.

In-Person Payment

Visit our office to make a payment in person. Payment options include check, money order, or exact cash (please note that we do not provide change). Office Address: 5728 Major Blvd. - Suite #300 - Orlando, FL - 32819.

Payment by Mail

You can also mail a check or money order payable to your association to our office address: 5728 Major Blvd. - Suite #300 - Orlando, FL - 32819

*Tip: Ensure that you add your property address to the envelope or in the check memo.